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09.10.2006 According to the study, India could emerge as a global KPO ...
09.10.2006 State earmarks investment of Rs 10,000 crore, set to acquire 5,000 acres to encourage industry, says IT secretary
09.10.2006 Trade unions are not new for India. However, the IT and BPO sectors are so far devoid of unions
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Knowledge services of KpoMaestro

According to survey report, over the next six year, knowledge process outsourcing or KPO is posed to outstrip the growth the business process outsourcing or BPO. Globally, KPO revenues will grow 46 per cent to $17bn by 2010, and India is slated to capture more than 70 per cent ($12 billion) of the global market. 

Intensive research and analytics is the forte of KpoMaestro. With six years experience in the outsourcing industry, we at KpoMaestro understand the needs of international customers and deliver the high quality and efficiency criteria. We use the latest methodologies and offer a wide spectrum of services from market research and to financial research and web research. We also specialize in life science research covering the areas of pharma research, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and biotechnology. If you're thinking Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) or KPO, you've come to the right place KpoMaestro.

Our Company provides the services in the following areas.
Market research and analysis 
Financial market research
Life science research
Web based market research

Market research is an integral part of any business process. This can be done by collecting and analyzing information that contributes to a more holistic understanding of consumers, market niches, and marketing programs. Market research aids in providing important information and in guiding business strategy.

Our market research process
Define the problem and research objectives 
Develop the research plan 
Collect the information 
Analyze the information 
Present the findings 
Make the decision

KpoMaestro has recruited financial researchers and analyst comprising with charted accountants and MBAs from leading financial institutions that enabling company to outsource their financial research requirement to us.

Our financial research services are followings
Banking research services 
Financial market research services 
Industry financial research services
Insurance and high and finance and accounting
Our life science research services are the following 
Pharmaceutical Database 
Text Mining 
Web Mining 
Numerical Data Mining 
Data Analytics

KpoMaestro delivers a wide range of web-based market research solutions to clients belonging to finance, public relations, transportation, healthcare and various other industries. We use unique methodology to provide accurate, reliable, web-based market research services to our clients. We strive to provide high quality services to our customers using the updated technologies.

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