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09.10.2006 According to the study, India could emerge as a global KPO ...
09.10.2006 State earmarks investment of Rs 10,000 crore, set to acquire 5,000 acres to encourage industry, says IT secretary
09.10.2006 Trade unions are not new for India. However, the IT and BPO sectors are so far devoid of unions
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Sales Services

KPO marketing at KpoMaestro

In the world of Internet many marketers believed that if you could get your massage in front of consumer by any means you could capture him. But they did not work very well because Internet user has only click power and they feels like an intrusion is considered Spam and most people, usually the very ones you did like to target, cannot get away. Traditional marketing had to be modified for new medium. Now it is called content rich.

Marketing campaigns should be designed with the certain knowledge that your target has the option to read it or not. It is simple psychology and good writing; know your readers, customers and clients, targeted marketing. May be blinking lights, and bold promises of unlimited success have their place especially in the Spam advertising.
KPO CRM Marketing

Internet marketing in the 21st century is matter of relationship than a technology and CRM is very good for this. KpoMaestro is a KPO shop that specializes in customer care and marketing campaign and learning about your customers in unique ways. 

We can manage your telemarketing campaign. We can create and fulfill your emails or survey campaign. We can customize your CRM software so it works, as you needs. We do have the local resources to get them done.

Relationship Marketing
Customer Relationship Management

Relationships are forged between peoples, not organization, and certainly not technology system, finding how to create and maintain a customer-company bond in the task. CRM system done this very well.

Sales and Marketing Services

Our knowledgeable marketing services are flexible, customized, and people-driven. Our working capabilities, resources, and technology enable us to deliver competitively priced, high quality KPO marketing to the all over world. 

Marketing & Sales and Branding:

A KPO service of sales in the west requires western sales force and branding efforts in the medium-term. Especially tapping the SME potential and selling into continental Europe requires being local. Successful branding will be other necessary element to generate sufficient growth in the market.

Large potential for SME customers

KPO started initially in captive center of large companies, moving to specialized vendors, who provide such as investment banks. This sector holds immense potential for the SMEs in the long term. SME can benefit from KPO; however, there average volumes are much lowers than a few thousands US dollar projects up to 10 full time employee. SME can further benefits from buying KPO services from specialized vendors by able to gain access large resource pool quickly at no up fronts costs.


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