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09.10.2006 According to the study, India could emerge as a global KPO ...
09.10.2006 State earmarks investment of Rs 10,000 crore, set to acquire 5,000 acres to encourage industry, says IT secretary
09.10.2006 Trade unions are not new for India. However, the IT and BPO sectors are so far devoid of unions
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Research Services :: Research Service in KPO

KPO and Research

KPO is one-step extension of BPO (business process outsourcing) because BPO industry is converting in knowledge process outsourcing because of its favorable advantages and future scope. Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO) involve the component of business process Outsourcing; Research Process outsourcing (RPO) and analysis process Outsourcing (APO). The success achieved by many overseas companies in business process outsourcing to India has many of the companies to start outsourcing their high-end knowledge work. Our service offerings are:

Call Center

Personalized communication is not just our name it is our aim to provide your company needs from our call center services with our courteous operator that provide a personal phone answering service for your clients, partners or personnel to internet answering and order taking services. In this automated environment your clients will appreciate our personal services. We can provide you with the latest inbound call center services that will suit your business needs. We utilize the latest computer hardware and software systems available in the call center industry.


AT KpoMaestro, we believe IT consulting is all about assessing technologies and selecting solutions which provide best services to you according your business needs and ensure long term value. Our solution helps you organize your business and technology strategy. Our company provides a complete product Life cycle solution for Enterprise business software covering software sales, implementation, and business process re-engineering. Our company delivers affordable business and technology solution through the global software development model. We provide small to large end-to-end solution to our clients.

Interactive media

If you are doing business on the web is an important part of your traditional advertising and marketing. You have to there with a reason and purpose. Offer creative and interesting information, functionality, and visuals that are professional.

Our interactive Media design solutions will design a meaningful, powerful, creative and high quality site for your business, association or organization. It also include design and development of company Logo, E-commerce portal, newsletters, corporate brochure etc.


IT & BPO services is managed by our experienced consulting partners that having combined experience of software development, call center, back office processing, medical transcription, and accounting. Our company provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solution to help its clients and improve their performance. Our core portfolio includes human resource, information technology, finance and accounting, all of which focused on supporting back office function of the underserved middle-market enterprises. With our consultants having the working experience of both onshore and offshore markets. it is able to approach the unique requirements of its clients with a customized and workable solution that ensures timely, efficient and reliable delivery of business critical processes and projects

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