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09.10.2006 According to the study, India could emerge as a global KPO ...
09.10.2006 State earmarks investment of Rs 10,000 crore, set to acquire 5,000 acres to encourage industry, says IT secretary
09.10.2006 Trade unions are not new for India. However, the IT and BPO sectors are so far devoid of unions
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Publishig Industry Services

Publishing solution

KpoMaestro research & consultancy outsourcing services, offer complete e-publishing solution according to your business. Our company provides the world-class content development and management solutions that effective, qualities and result oriented. We provide offshore writing solution for our clients. Our technical writers have expertise in developing technical documentation, e-learning solutions, guides, and user manuals.

Our online industry reports provide depth industry and global market analysis. The report are customized to meet the client's requirement these reports are of relevance to market strategy makers.

KpoMaestro offers market and strategy analysis that covers all the global markets. Information for the reports is collected from internationally reputed journals, news, achieves and paid databases. These reports are effectively priced.

Archival Digitization Services:

Cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, and historical societies house remarkable collections of cultural artifacts. There is the responsibility of the staff working for those institutions to preserve, protect and provide responsible stewardship for the materials, and to the best of their ability, provide continued long-term access. Advances in technology allow institutions to provide expanded access and education; there are important priorities that must be addressed to embarking on a digital conversion project.

There are many benefits of creating digital archive of newspapers, journals and etc.

Image quality of original document can be excellent for adding to cultural experience.

Information and contents can be delivered directly to the end user and retrieved.

KpoMaestro has digitized numbers of pages of newspapers for national and academics research libraries, local historical societies, publisher, and commercial aggregators. Our digitization process provides the ultimate in flexibility and delivers the pages in any format required for both open source and proprietary delivery systems.

Editorial services

We are specializing in freelancing editing for books corporate communication and academic manuscripts. You may be the business leader desiring a clear corporate image. We can help you understand and touch yours readers, establish and polish your style and improve your marks or profits and ultimately leave a legacy in writing.

We provide the following services.
Manuscript consultation
Development editing
Substantive and structural editing
Stylistic editing
Corporate documents and reports
Prepress, Pre-media And Composition Services

KpoMaestro takes a futuristic step in developing top of the line services and technology solution in pre-media and new media with excellent team of peoples with experience and expertise in area specific technology services. Kpomaestro is one of the India's fastest growing new media company.

We are renowned for our expertise in electronic workflow, from editing to composition to data conversion and multiproduct workflows. We have work with and created scores of very specific and complex DTDs as well as all leading standard DTDs.

We provide this methodology.
Eliminate the cost of converting print and electronic product.
Allows simultaneous print and electronic publication.
Reduces the combined cost of print and electronic publication

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