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Inbound and Outbound

Inbound Services
We KPO Maestro  targets to be a source of information for providers of international inbound telecommunications Services as united in the International Inbound Services Forum. The main purpose for which we established is to promote and aid the development of international inbound services as defined by the ITU-T, and to develop and expand the market and use of these services in wide range for the rapid growth for your business. We provide easy membership to all international telecommunications carriers who deliver, or are planning to deliver, some form of international inbound service covered by the scope of the Forum through their own voice networks or the network of an associated company.
An inbound service provided by KPO Maestro  is a Web interface to a service that is provided internally. To define a locally hosted service as an inbound service, you first associate it with a service destination, and then you configure one or more ports (each with an associated endpoint listener) through which service requests and responses are passed to the service. 
An inbound service describes the Web service ennoblement of a service destination. It provides the configuration of endpoint listeners within a port.
Outbound Service
KPO Maestro  outbound call center has developed facilities to handle all of your outbound telemarketing needs, from its extensive generation and product sales to database enhancement and management and follow up the business process. 
KPO Maestro  will provide you with the personnel and the facilities to handle any type of outbound Call Center requirement. KPO Maestro  promises you the most cost-effective and productive outbound call center solutions. 
KPO Maestro  outbound telemarketing call centers provide effective and reliable outbound telemarketing services that cover the complete cycle of your business from outbound telemarketing to collection of outstanding payments. Any outbound telemarketing services that we offer from our company increase value of your business cycle such as: developing your prospects list, selling to them successfully and collecting payments from them.
KPO Maestro  provide some expertise outbound telecommunication services with the help of outbound telecommunication expertise and outbound telecommunication executives. Our well educated and computer trained executives have proven their track record of successful conversions. We take care in recruiting the most qualified individuals and then train them to excel in our outbound call center service environment. Our executives will be trained according to your business requirements to provide better detail about your product. Our procedures ensure that the individuals on your outbound call center team are prepared and accountable for the success of your program. 
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