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Data Management Services :: Data anlysis

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a business process which runs by setting some business objective through project planning, data assembly, data cleaning, data structuring, data analysis and data mining to get better results in knowledge process outsourcing. Web data analysis is no more different in its basic theme from data analysis but there are significant differences on an operational level. 

Specific outside expertise and experience may be needed at each or every stage of a data analysis. Extensive in-house IT support teams often find the impact of the data cleaning and structuring task to be a particularly challenging workload in the field of knowledge process outsourcing. Some organizations require one particular outsource package in the form of the focused application of a specific practical skill to get a job done to meet deadlines to complete their targeted part of data management. Other organizations prefer to outsource the whole data management and analysis process. 

There are some major aspects which must be considered in Data Analysis
Data Relevancy

The quality of data is most important factor in data analysis for knowledge process outsourcing. You must clear how relevant your data is for use in a specific context and how any deficiencies can be corrected.

Data correctness

Your data must be correct (free from errors) and may need to be transformed (re-structured) prior to analysis and to allow it to be shared between computer systems and applications.

Data Flexibility

Flexibility is another important criteria in data analysis. Data from operational systems and normalized data warehouses is seldom efficiently usable, if useable at all, by analytical algorithms and processes. Your data may need to be re-structured to facilitate analysis. 

Data integrity

Complex IT environments are common with systems and software from many suppliers being deployed across the organization. You may need to migrate the right data to the right place in the right form and the integrity of data must remain constant. 

Data Analytics Design

You should regularly check and edit your business processes and operations in the light of your strategic and commercial objectives to ensure that no key goal or indicator is remaining unsupported by appropriate, timely and accurate data. 

Designing data analytics into your business processes enables you to further empower your business from data and allows you to gain an enhanced commercial position in the outsource market.

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