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09.10.2006 According to the study, India could emerge as a global KPO ...
09.10.2006 State earmarks investment of Rs 10,000 crore, set to acquire 5,000 acres to encourage industry, says IT secretary
09.10.2006 Trade unions are not new for India. However, the IT and BPO sectors are so far devoid of unions
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KPO Company (About KPO Maestro)

KPO Maestro  is an knowledge process management (KPO) company provides efficient, timely and value added services in business process outsourcing and its extended form say knowledge process management those require specialized domain expertise. 

From starting days of establishment of our KPO company as business process outsourcing and after that knowledge process outsourcing we have provided quality knowledge process services to our clients in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. By applying various strategic business moves we are trying to reinvent our core services to help our customers to outsource their domain based process into reliable manner.

KPO Maestro  provides quality services to their customers like offshore outsourcing consultancy and expertise services to leverage their outsourcing investments. Efficient deployment of critical resources and effective management of people processes is only aim of KPO Maestro  has significant impact on customer service levels and business profitability.

Our efficient dedicated and trained staff is prepared through selective hiring results into in-house efficiency and low cost operation. We are keen interested to provide you our IT enabled service for effective and reliable knowledge process outsourcing. Some of these services are: -

  Outsourcing Software Development.
  Web Marketing and Web Promotions.
  Data Entry and Data management.
  Web Support, Web Research Services

If you are thinking to spread your business online than KPO Maestro  is right choice for you that is having extensive labor and IT skill. India has exceptional resources and availability of highly Skilled IT professionals that turn out a talented, efficient and a low cost work force. We manage your entire outsourcing requirements and provide you efficient deployment of critical resources designed to leverage your outsourcing investments. 

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